January 30, 2002

Tech Interviews tonight. The Masque

Tech Interviews tonight. The Masque of La Salle is presenting William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". I was going to audtion but it fell through: just not enough time to check over the material and prepare. I'm hoping to get a good technical position: apparently Assistant Director and Stage Manager are up for the taking.

I would love to get either; however I fear that the time commitment would kill me. However, not doing it would kill me too; theatre is too much a part of me.

I have a presentation to do tonight about "Creating an Academic Environment within the College Dormitory." For a lot of it, it feels like I'm BS'ing. Its a topic that somewhat interests me; but not 100%. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

Anyway, I started this around like 4PM, now it's 9:30, and I have to go to a staff meeting. Toodles.

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January 09, 2002

No updates lately, I apoligize,

No updates lately, I apoligize, but have been busy...sleeping. I left my job on Friday night to get a weeks worth of rest before I head back to LaSalle on Friday (yes, this Friday...)

Returning to school so early (yes, all of 2 days, I know, not a major deal, but a minor inconvenience) has been one of the few pains of being an RA.

So, updates should resume regularity soon.


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