September 05, 2002


I once argued with my good friend Brian that college was a lot like the real world. My thoughts were aligned along the ideas of preperations and hands on experience in educational activities, but also just the living on your own (or with newly-accepted freedom) aspects too.

This happened before freshman year, and boy was I wrong.

College, I've come to realize, is a second childhood. The smallest evidences of this are silly: chiceken fingers at lunch, naps in the afternoon, and staying up a lot later than you should because "I can do this and still function tomorrow."

But college presents a second childhood for it's students in a lot of other ways, giving them the chance to sharpen those skills they may have missed in childhood. I'm thinking social/interpersonal skills, personally, and for a lot of other people that I've talked to. I went to an all-guys high school, and kind of missed out alot in relationships from grade 9-12. College is doing what hasn't happened yet - shapening that stuff that didn't get sharpened in high school and grade school.

I was just talking to a friend of mine online who was ranting about relationships, and she apoligized for being childish. Thats what got me thinking about this a good deal - it seemed more profound earlier, but f#%* it; it sounds reasonable.

The last couple of days have been good. The floors are awesome. I got a futon. Car will be done tomorrow, $500 for a new alternator and battery. Classes are interesting - I LOVE DOING 3 HOURS AT A TIME.

well, not really, but...its kind of cool to really get into a subject and get 3 hours to talk about it without stopping. whee...except when you get mildly off topic, such as tonight in my Midieval lit class, working through all kinds of, in my opinion, obvious religious issues in Beowulf.

Speaking of midieval lit, its the one class with a professor I can't figure out. The prof is Harty, chair of the English department. He dresses normally for class, a pair of khaki cargo pants and dress shirt, there is a black "punk" belt with metal studs around. He has an earring in his left ear, which also seems to throw me too... but an awesome guy, able to lecture for three hours without notes.

So like I said, gotta pick up the car tomorrow. Enjoy life, kiddies.

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