September 01, 2002

Futon: Attempt #2

We go for futon attempt number two tomorrow...I mean today...its tomorrow, because the last 8 hours were stolen from me for duty.

Parents are coming up today for a while, and an attempt to get said futon. To quote the Big Lebowski, "It'll really tie the room together."

Right now I just want to get some very tired. I started reading for class through 35 pages on the Catholic University with no problem. Attempted to sit down and begin typing out my newest one-act, "Unnoticed." It was to no avail; I couldn't get the same typing rhythm that I had when I wrote it. This one is incredibly scary because its intensely personal: my other writing worked around some of my emotional barriers. This one tries to break them down.

Like all of my writing, I hate it in its current form...maybe it'll seem better when it comes up on the screen.

Sleep. Here I come.

Posted by Matthew at September 1, 2002 03:01 AM
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