October 07, 2004

Couple of things...

Art opened officially last night to a sold-out audience who were absolutely fantastic. They got every joke, every laugh line, every moment of sarcasm (and then some.) It was another exhilirating opening.

Afterwards, the department held a little social gathering upstairs, where a couple of us stood and talked and looked over and the larger crowds of people (students? faculty? alumni?) that we didn't know. There was free wine and beer (both of quality) and the event was a blast. Afterwards, a bunch of us headed over to a local bar and sat around talking (and sometimes dancing) for a few hours.

What other department in a graduate school sanctions a party for every opening? Chemical Engineering? Classical Studies? Children, go into theatre.

My new project, to be completed at some unforseen date, is to try and document through photographs the progression of a play from read-through through closing. There have been so many moments backstage and so many moments in rehearsal that are either incredibly comical or just plain interesting visually.

So, come see Art. We run through the 17th. Information is here.
There's not much more other than that. My life has been consumed by grad school and Art. I'm not sure what's going to happen once Art closes, because then all of this free time just opens up for me.

I realized the other day that I haven't watched any television since August. I don't miss it, really.

A couple of us in the program have realized that we need to get out of the theater every now and then. In undergrad, there was the opportunity to go out and study new subjects outside of one's major. It's no longer that way, and it becomes a little intellectually stifiling to just be reading plays, theater history and criticism. I need to seen an Eagles game, or a movie or watch "Get the Picture" just to get out of my major for a while. It's harder to do now, with less free time.

Next week is fall break. An entire week off from classes which promises to be liberating.

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Posted by Matthew at October 7, 2004 02:44 PM

At our first meeting of the Writer's Workshop, the number one item on the agenda was for Frank Conroy to ask who people to sign up to host parties after readings.
Keep in mind, there are a minimum of 4 readings per week here, and sometimes as many as 8 or 9, and we're essentially expected to have a big blowout after each one. We happily comply.

Take that, history majors.

Posted by: TMC on October 12, 2004 02:12 AM

That should say "Conroy asked for people to sign up..."

Look, SuperNintendo Chalmers, I'm learnding.

Posted by: TMC on October 12, 2004 02:13 AM
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