October 08, 2004

GeneralSomeone please just shoot me now...

I made a joke in class today.

It was a terrible joke. I mean, it still got laughs, but it was terrible for multiple reasons.

One was that it just wasn't all that funny - more the best one liner I could come up with under short time constraints (for some reason, this was how my mind was working today...)

The part I'm concerned about is that it was a theatre joke. It was a really nerdy threatre joke . It was a really nitpicky, nerdy, theatre joke.

It was a really nerdy, nitpicky, theatre joke at the expense of Andrew Lloyd Weber.

At least the professor laughed.

(for the record, we were discussing Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" from a dramaturgical standpoint, and talking specificically about what scenes could be cut if it were to be up for a performance. Someone mentioned "the shipwreck" as a possible cut, and I blurted out in the silence that followed, "Not if it's being done by Andrew Lloyd Weber." The class snorted and laughed.)

Yeah, so I acheived new lows of theatre nerd-dom today...all on the way to an M.A....

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Posted by Matthew at October 8, 2004 12:54 AM
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