October 11, 2004

GeneralStrangely Depressed Squirrels

cast/crew of "art". (l-r: T.J., Leigh Ann, Josh, Bob, Nick, Me, Baird)
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Art's run continues. It goes incredibly well. Our beginning problem was cell phones in the audience. We had a string of like 3 nights where a phone went off, interupting everything. It's a small theatre, with a thrust stage, so any distraction is immedately heard and felt all over. The new problem, of the last 2 days or so, is audience members who find the stage doors before they find the doors to the lobby. We had a woman wander through the backstage wings onto the set last night who was looking for the bathroom. The night before was a woman and son who were banging on the back stage left door fifteen minutes into the performance thinking that it was the entrance. Signs haven't seemed to help...

(side note: We still have a bunch of shows left, Tuesday night through Sunday matinee. It stretches into infitinty)

At dinner tonight, Harriet (the director) mentioned that today was the thirteenth straight day of working on Art sans a break.


I mean, La Salle's shows stretched into infinity towards tech week, but then the maximum time would probably be like 10 days straight (tech week of 7 days + a three day run. Give or take.)

We're dark tomorrow, thank God. I can write my paper on Albee's Zoo Story in peace. Tomorrow begins Fall Break too, so the entire school is off for a week. Incredible, eh? A mirror of spring break actually. The only things I really, really want to do are go into the city for a day and just wander like I used to (which is more difficult without the Broad Street subway...) and see a movie. My life has revolved so completely around Art and theatre for the past 2 months that anything at all will be diversonary and amusing.

The title of this entry refers to the squirrels that inhabit the area along Mongomery Avenue along the Main Line on the route I take to Villanova sometimes. I've seen multiple squirrels play chicken with oncoming traffic - waiting in the path of oncoming traffic only to dart across the road seconds later. I even saw one the other day (I kid you not) who waited on the center lines, darted into oncoming traffic, and then bounced off of a minivan's back left tire. Very, very strange.

(And as Dave Barry would say, "Strangely Depressed Squirrels would also probably be a good name for a rock band.)

[Listening to: "Against The Wind", by Bob Seger]
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