October 28, 2002

What lesser-known Simpsons character

lesser-known Simpsons character are you?

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What cartoon dog are

cartoon dog are you?

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October 21, 2002

why, illinois, why?

From the Smirnoff Ice FAQ:

Why can't I find SMIRNOFF ICE™ in Illinois?

Unfortunately due to issues beyond our control we were unable to launch SMIRNOFF ICE™ in the state of Illinois. We apologize and are doing everything we can to resolve this issue so that this exciting new product may be made available to all Illinois consumers soon.

Why? This intrigues me.

Bah, so bored at home...

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October 19, 2002

about damned time...

I spent the early afternoon at a book signing today, at a bookstore I had never been to before, getting an autograph from an author and a book most people have never heard of.

The bookstore was Atomic Books, this wonderful little one room independent bookstore in Baltimore off of 36th St. and Hickory Ave. David Eggers was the author, his most recent work is "You Shall Know Our Velocity," but the one you MAY know him for is a book called "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius." AHWOSG was a pretty darn good novel by my standards: made me laugh out loud, and also shed some tears. Eggers likes to play around with language, and thats why I like him...he's taken some of the pomposity out of publishing and authoring and made the experience seem more real.

AHWOSG was about him losing both parents in the span of a week, leaving him to raise his younger brother with his sister Beth. Like I said, it ranges from heartbreaking to deeply hilarious, to just plain fun.

I haven't read "YSKOV" yet. I've started it, and am about 15 pages in, but just can't seem to get into it yet. Tomorrow maybe...

So anyway, it was my first signing, and I'm proud of myself for neither throwing up all over the author, or blubbering all over him and requesting his help in getting my own works read (although, I did submit a story to a publication that he runs, McSweeney's Internet Tendency and haven't heard back...) I stammered out something about being a fan, and then shook his hand. Pretty standard really.

Home was nice...had a good dinner out with the whole family: something that hasn't been done recently with my sister being sick and all. We went into Towson, and had dinner at a nice little Italian place there. It was good to see my sister talk and eat with us again, having heard her stories of the physical pain of recent memory.

Came back and watched "Dumb and Dumber." Funniest movie ever; Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey are perfect. I can pretty much recite the movie word for word, having seen it so many times.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a decent day, assuming I can wake up in time for the movie. More on that later.

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October 17, 2002

"Everybody got spoiled," Mr. Fulbright said. "People expect it now."

This is a fascinating article about computers revolutionizing Broadway productions. (NYTimes - Registration may be required to read it, but its free.) When looking at Theatre at La Salle (which will, hopefully, get intellegent lighting for three weeks for "Footloose,") the entire article is disheartening, however, a quick mention is made at the end of the article about people still being taught to do lighting as if "you have six lights and six dimmers." The article also mentioned a fifteen minute light cue that simulated daylight moving across a room...reminds me of "Triumph of Love," with its "revolutionary" 2 minute light cue that did kinda the same thing...

The opening "title" of this entry comes from the article, and yeah, its sadly true. I'd rather see a show and be involved with a show that did the technology transparently, in the background without anyone noticing though; it feels like "truer" theater. Helicopters, chandeliers, and strobe lights...but only if they fit the script and don't overshadow the actors doing their jobs.

There was one other thing I wanted to mention today...I wound up sitting in the food court in the union yesterday with Kevin, Tom, Steve, and Michelle. Initially, it was just Tom, Kevin and I, and people just came into the group as the passed by us in the old smoking section by the doors.

It was a great random conversation, one that I remember now not for content but just that I was there, and how wonderful it felt to be there. I laughed a lot, and surprised myself how loudly it echoed around the close-to-empty room. It felt like we were back in freshman year again; Tom and Michelle had walked in from down the hall, while Kevin and Steve played Bad News Baseball as I watched and laughed.

It was a great feeling; felt totally comfortable, lauging, making stupid jokes, just enjoying the company of some people I haven't had the pleasure of being with enough this year. Definitely something to seek out again.

I'm home now, again...the trip was uneventful thank God. Just under 2 hours again...stupid people annoy me whilst driving, especially those who: a) drive in EZPass Express lanes doing 55, merging at the last second of the toll plaza into a non-EZPass lane...and b) fifteen year olds in fancy cars that daddy bought them trying to merge ignoring their blind spot where I've been trying to merge before they start.

Blah...I sound like Andy Rooney.

But it is good to be home, I guess. Its boring...wait, I mean, relaxing. If you're around drop me a message. I need some stuff to fill time

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Damn computer lost my last entry.

Nothing important. Self doubt to self realization. Blah.

I'm going home for a few days - need a break. Am going to see David Eggers (Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius) on Saturday, and "Bowling for Columbine" by Michael Moore on Sunday.

See you all around.

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October 16, 2002

What Sign of Affection

What Sign of Affection Are You?

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October 12, 2002

new thingie

theres a new thing that I just finished working on in the upper right corner...every visit to this page should generate a random quote from a list.

each sold separately. collect all 11.

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What Do You Wear

What Do You Wear to Bed?

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October 11, 2002

its been one week

last friday
...was amazing. Billy Joel and Elton John were fantastic, playing for 3 hours and 15 minutes. They played everything one would expect, and demand. The setlist is here. "Miami 2017" and "Angry Young Men" are incredible songs that my ears didn't hear until that night. "Piano Man" was awesome, started in a duet, and then pianos dropping out at the end for the audience to do the last verse. Elton did a really nice version of "This Train Don't Stop Here Anymore," from "Songs from the West Coast."

There were no disappointments from the evening. Pat and Karen enjoyed it a bunch too. Just an incredible concert.

rest of the week
Pretty standard really. This seemed to be the first crunch week of the semester, requiring paper writing on every night. I dreaded starting my autobiography for Kling's class, but it really worked out well. I didn't expect to get the required 4 pages, but had close to 8 by the end, and had to set the margins at .8. I had an analytical paper due for him too on the same day; intellectual self-esteem issues kept me from getting it out until 2am the night before, and finally finishing the next morning.


where to begin...

the majority of rehearsals were cancelled this week. Little bits and pieces got done, no major choreography, but blocking for smaller scenes. It still looks good, but I'm worried about the cancellations, although there was nothing we could have done to prevent them.

My job has begun to annoy me. My job grew out of my work during Day One in Health Services; I was hired by Dr. Cicala and the Division of Student Affairs to do "computer work" for them. I had to finish supporting the meningitis database app (the major development I did this summer) and then create a bunch of other ones. For the most part I've been stuck in Health Services doing data entry and other small tasks. I had to revisit an application I'm writing for the counseling center today, and I got myself stuck against a brick wall. I've gotten myself out of similar situations before, but this one is extremely perplexing. Still, its better than sitting up in health services pulling charts and stuff.

Theres not a heck of a lot else from this week; community development advisory board meeting, random other classes, another 3 hours of Cronin.


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October 03, 2002

thank you

Thank yous for today:

...to Shannon for an awesome hug that made my night.
...to Aymee for letting me hear that fantastic potential WEXP commercial.
...to Ali for the Wawa run.
...to Graham for giving me two ideas for writing - or at least a play that should be turned into a musical.
...to Dr. Kling who didn't give me too much of a probelm for not finishing the book by classtime today.
...to Prof. Harty who just always makes me laugh in class while learning a boatload.
...to my grandmother, for the message on my answering machine today.
...to Veitz for the entertaining article in the Collegian.
...to Tim for the poignant article in the Collegian.

I think thats it...thanks a bunch.

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October 02, 2002

recent developments

I've told everyone who has asked that my life has been in an upswing this week. My sister is doing a lot better. The friend/relationship issues have buried themselves again. I saw my father and grandmother this past weekend, and we had a great time.

The play is going smoothly from what I've seen. One major scene has been fully choreographed - "Footloose/On Any Sunday." The vocals astound me, looking into the eyes of friends and acquaintances with such exquisite voices when they come together. The choir parts sound suitably choir-like, while the rock and roll parts take on their own rock and roll flavor. Louis and Brett (director and choreographer) are doing a great job.

I'm so proud to be associated with this production. Everything, for lack of a better phrase, kicks ass. I know the tech behind it all will only solidify the universe created by the acting, singing and dancing.

I still, however, feel like a fifth wheel, or a third leg. I just hope my part comes later on, as my sitting there giving feedback isn't always needed.

I had my first conference with Cronin today for my Fiction Writing class. It was productive, in that he didn't rip my story apart. He dislikes the title, and saw a couple of shortcomings - none of which I had thought about going in. They were connected in a way, with my major concern being that it was too autobiographical, and his concern being a lack of backstory.

The conference left me excited to replay my hand and attempt a second draft. I usually hate second drafts: once the words are on the page, I'm finished, theres no improvement needed. This is not the best attitude to have, as I'm finding in this class. The meeting left me in a personal crisis, in that I want to be a writer, but some of what he said shook me and made me wonder if I am a writer.

Eh, it's one assignment, for one class, for one professor. It can't make or break my career.

Besides, I never liked writing short stories anyway :)

I gotta finish a book for tomorrow, so I'm off to bed now. Follow your bliss.

Currently listening to: Footloose

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